We're getting better at having a defined style. People are starting to come to us with their own ideas, asking if we can make them a reality; and that's very exciting to us. We straddle the line between making ourselves happy, and making a business happy most of the time. So we're proud to excel at working on commission pieces since they are so personal. Do you have an unique need for a commission? Send us an email!

Brittany emailed asking if I could print a paired hemisphere to celebrate her marriage to Bejal. Bejal is from India, and decided to leave her home (and an arranged traditional marriage) to move to Durham and marry Brittany! The paired hemispheres are not only their wedding colors, but also the colors of the flag of India in duotone. I am so happy for the chance to do this commission for them! [BRIT & BEJAL] [DETAIL]

Jesse and Katie are good friends of ours, and when they asked if we could produce an unique Save the Date invite, we jumped at the opportunity. Weddings are obviously very special, and the wedding industry is competitive, but each one of their guests received a handmade, unique invitation that was not available anywhere in stores.

I was asked if I could design something around the concept of "Space Communism" for a birthday gift. Here is a 26" x 26" print called "CosmoNot," the first female commander of a space mission Valentina Tereshkova, Russia 1963. The playfulness comes from a powerful woman, posing for a re-imagined Cosmopolitan magazine cover/poster. 

Mark's Birthday Poster print: Kurt Cobain/Nirvana. This print was just as important and fun for me as for Mark. I grew up with Nirvana's music, and probably owe the culture surrounding them a lot of my own ideals in life. 24" x 19" commission print. 

Widespread Panic in Mexico 2015. I was pretty intimidated by this idea, because WSP fans have their own unique design aesthetic and a rabid fan-base. It was an honor and challenge to dip my toe into their world. Commission prints & shirts.

Sometimes we do commissions and get free/total artistic control. This print on stained birch is from Shenny to Hiram, and features metallic ink (hard to see without light reflection here) mixed in to all of the inks. The orange and silver gradient across the hummingbird's body is on of our favorite things to come out of Docklands studio. Commission print on birch 12" x 12".